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Waiting for a Name

  • Once in a while a rare book comes along that wrenches every nerve in our bodies and illuminates every fissure carved through our souls. Bestselling author Cynthia P. Cerny hits the nail on the head with a sculptor’s precision.

    - Theresa Burke, Ph.D., DAPA, NCP, LPC, BCCP, DABFC
    Founder, Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries International and author of Forbidden Grief

  • The author’s prophetic use of words, her creative sensing and naming of hidden connections can open the human heart and mind to more clearly recognize, acknowledge and accept the mystery of our God who is love and life.

    - Fr. Paul Wicker, Pastor
    Holy Apostles Catholic Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Waiting for a Name is the kind of book we all need to be reading.  It forces the reader to deal with questions of faith, love, dignity and self-respect.

    - Larry Smith, CEO
    Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Denver

  • Waiting for a Name will leave you breathless at times, as the words seem to jump off the pages and confront your inner most self. This book is a treasure of insightfulness and a true “must read.

    - Deacon Peter M. Schumacher
    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Alamogordo, New Mexico


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About the Author

Cynthia P. Cerny is published author of several books, including the best-selling Losers, Creeps, Jerks & Weirdos: A Dating Story.  With refreshing transparency, the hallmark of her writing and speaking, Cynthia continues to appeal to, and attract, an ever-broadening audience of men and women, all ages, all circumstances.  A long-time resident of Colorado, Cynthia spent over twenty years in the corporate world as the right-hand “man” to presidents, CEOs, and chairmen of boards.  Compelled to write, Cynthia draws from her own experiences to reach out to others, bringing a message of hope, inspiration, and healing.

From “entertaining and humorous” in Losers to “inspirational and hopeful” in Luna Tides to “a work bound to change your life” in What About Love?, Cynthia’s writing has been described as profound, genuine, and masterful, although she will tell you she is simply “a typist.”

In addition to being a CCD kid and a graduate from the School of Hard Knocks and Slow Learners, Cynthia attended the University of Denver.  She is dedicated to sharing a simple, practical message of truth and empowerment for women and men.  Cynthia understands that sometimes we are afraid to learn what our gut already knows, but cautions that what you deny does not disappear, and always—always—actions trump words.